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Hey babe, I don’t believe it was a spell that brought you to this website, I think you decided that you’re ready to grow your business and get achieving those goals.

Am I right? If so then you’re in the right place. The Coven is an online membership platform dedicated to supporting you and helping you grow your business.






The coven Membership

I want to help you achieve YOUR goals, make money and be *successful*, whatever that means to you. Starting a business, a side hustle, going freelance or following your passions can be a lonely and isolating path... I’ve spent many days where the only person I’ve spoken to is my dog (and she is not much of a conversationalist). I get how you might be feeling and understand how effing scary heading down the entrepreneurial path is.

Fear no more babe. The Coven has your back.



So who runs this? My name is Sapphire and I run this bad boy. 2.5 years ago I went from having no job, spending my days drinking lukewarm Thai beer and lazing in a hammock in Northern Thailand. I had no business experience or any idea how to run a business but I started one anyway. I created a successful flower studio called The Flower Arranger. I spent hours, weeks and months avidly learning as much as possible about running a business and being a boss so that I could achieve my dreams and run a successful business.


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