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the coven

Ever felt lonely whilst working on your business?

Gone freelance and miss the office in-jokes?

Wish you were part of a worldwide online community who has your back through the highs and the lows?

Joining The Coven gives you access to online community of 900+ female founders, access to a library of online video workshops, printable work sheets, our business book club, a directory of all of our members, exclusive discounts just for Coven members and more. Check the membership page to view our different tiers and what’s included.

Welcome to The Coven.

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 Meet Your Coven Team


Coven founder and CEO. Look out for her weekly emails in your inbox packed full of advice and your chance to chat.


Kerry is the community manager here at The Coven. Kerry is your go to contact for all things membership, support and help.


Esme is The Coven content writer and our go to woman for all things written.


Kiera is our PR manager and head of brand partnerships. Sapphire’s right hand witch!

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