An interview with Mimi, founder of Coco Roses Apparel

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I was sat at my laptop this morning thinking “hmmm, what could I add to the member’s area today that you guys will LOVE and find useful!?” and then I found it. Buried in the archives was this beauty of an interview with the babe that is Mimi. Mimi is the founder of Coco Roses Apparel, once you’ve read the below make sure to go and check out her stuff, it’s GORG!


1. Hey b, thanks for letting me interview you. Can you tell readers who you are and what you do

Hi I’m Mimi, the lady behind Coco Roses Apparel. We sell clothing and accessories with a message to inspire positive vibes and sister love. Lots of colour and flowers, the printed or embroidered designs are meant to ditch beauty stereotypes, strengthen the sisterhood and feel amazing.


2. What does success mean to you?

Success to me is achieving my business vision while also being a full time mumma. Not being bound to the normal 9-5 routine, success is also having enough money to travel and explore the world while doing charity work as a family. My childhood was quite bohemian, not wealthy in monetary terms (we used to busk as a family when we lived in South France) So I don’t need millions, but enough to be comfortable and not struggle like my parents often did.


3. What is the first thing you do every morning?

Breastfeed my son, then get that kettle on as soon as poss. I’m no good at routine, so I couldn’t tell you a “typical day”!


4. Name your favourite current tv series, book and 90's film....

We’re currently re-watching Arrested Development. Way of The Peaceful Warrior and Truman Show.


5. Have you always been creative?

Always. I’ve been drawing, sewing, crafting, crocheting (whatever I could get my hands on) since I was teeny. It’s my passion and also my therapy.


6. What does a working day look like for you?

These days, me trying to cram in as much as possible into nap times. Juggling motherhood and a young business can look like a crazy circus act sometimes. But my main weekly happenings are, packing up orders, post runs, photography, designing, answering emails, researching, strategising, the dreaded accounts and trying my best at social media (and not letting it consume me). Of course there’s a hell of a lot of cuddles, dancing, singing, caffeine guzzling, tears, self doubt and laughter in between.


7. What advice would you give to young creatives or start-ups? 

Be original. Be you. Use social media to document your life or brand but don’t live through it. Know that it can be a slow process but if done with integrity it will be extremely rewarding.


8. Where is your happy place?

In the sun, by the sea with the people I love. Live music playing and wine flowing. I don’t want much do I? 


9. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Creative, loving and strong.


10. What one thing kills your creative juices the most?

Copycats make you feel disheartened. But the biggest is probably social media and the comparison it brings. While it is great for connecting people it is also a window into seeing how quickly other people gain popularity. So seeing other brands who started around the same time as you gain more followers in less time can make you question everything you’re doing.. So I’m learning to remind myself that number of followers doesn’t necessarily = number of sales, and to just be happy for those people.


11. What or who is your biggest influence right now?

My baby. Nothing like the kick up the butt having a child brings!


12. What do you think the importance of sisterhood is?

I know we hear the words like “empowering” all the time but, it really is the goodness that comes from sisterhood and feminism. It’s about connecting women to feel united so that together we can feel strong enough to stand up to wrong doings and strive for equality, hand in hand. Only together can we stop media stereotypes or beauty pressures clouding our judgement of each other and start to change that ingrained nonsense. Insecurities are lonely feelings, so for me sisterhood is so important in making us feel comfortable in sharing, so we can then guide each other towards love and change.


13. What is the ethos behind your brand?

I want my designs to make people feel good! To inspire positive thinking, self-confidence and to having every sister’s back. Uniting and empowering women for all the above reasons. A few of my designs raise money for charity too so I want to keep giving back to causes that are important to me as I grow.


14. If you had to choose a different career what would it be? (I'd start a business selling rugs)

Rug selling! I love that. My dream would be to work with Orangutans! I finally pursued this life long dream 2 years ago when volunteering in Borneo, but to do it full time would be incredible.


15. Name a woman you look up to? Past or present. 

Always and forever my mother. My grand mothers, sisters and god mother are also huge influences and I admire all my close friends. But my mama is a magical woman who I could not live without.


16. Where would you like to be in 2 years time?

I’d like to be able to build Coco Roses to be a respectable brand that not only has a thriving shop but is also a platform for bringing women together to inspire others. Then through that to have the chance to travel, attend more events and do charity work across the world. Raising my little family along the way of course.


17. What woman would play you in a film about your life?

Firstly, I hope the entire crew would be properly paid women because wouldn’t that be refreshing? And god this is a tough one to answer, but Julia Louise Dreyfus for all the fun bits, she’s the queen of comedy in one of my all time favourite series Seinfeld. Her character Elaine shook up the dusty female character stereotypes. And then probably Rachel Weisz for all the emotional bits...

Sapphire Bates