Burnouts and Breakouts

 Why Self-care Is Still Important When You Are Working From Home!



 It’s a funny old word. It gets to everyone of us, and affects every part of our lives, from work to sleep. Stress is everywhere and can cause us to burnout. Burnout has become a popular phrase recently and urban dictionary sums up its definition perfectly!


A state of emotional and physical exhaustion caused by a prolonged period of stress and frustration; an inevitable corporate condition characterised by frequent displays of unprofessional behaviour, a blithe refusal to do any work, and most important, a distinct aura of not giving a shit.


I am very much in agreement with Emma Gannon, Urban Dictionary is a wonderful place for its definitions of colloquial language, but it definitely offers some blunt opinions. Burnout is something we have all had, you may not have even realised it! Our bodies can only take so much until we get to the point where we just do not give a flying f*$% anymore!

How do we spot a burnout then? If I’m honest, I didn’t have a clue what one was until I read Emma Gannon’s The Multi-Hyphen Method. She characterises a burnout by a few different symptoms:

-     Noticing yourself becoming more cynical about everything

-     Not caring that much about the outcome of a project

-     Easy tasks become difficult

-     Becoming ill, or getting aches and pains

-     Isolating yourself and feeling a huge loss of energy

I have found that when I’m burnt out I don’t want to write. Blogging becomes a chore, and I cant even be bothered to proofread my work! I also start to get migraines, which is when the alarm bells go off!

Though many people think that working freelance is a form of self-care, I’m sure they would be shocked to hear that even though you are doing something you love, you can still get stressed! Burnout is one of the many reasons why self-care is still important, even when you have the option to work all day in your PJs! Self-care has become a cringey phrase, and I am not saying that by downloading a meditation app you will lead the perfect stress free life. However, we do need to stop and take some time for ourselves within our hectic schedules!

One of the best ways I have found to avoid a burnout is to have a self date. Think the Grinch:

‘Dinner with myself, I can’t cancel that again!’

Take one night a week for yourself. Do a face mask, do a hair mask, light some incense or a scented candle, or just binge watch your favourite series on Netflix! Whatever it is, take one evening to do something that isn’t work!

As well as self dates, have set working hours that work for you. If you think that Dolly Parton was on to something, then work 9-5, but if you are more productive in the afternoon, then start working later! Working for yourself means you are in charge, and who knows you, better than you babe!


Nothing good ever came from a burnt out witch, take some time to care for yourself.

By Katrina Roles

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