The perfect potion for a productive day

When you work for yourself you don’t have that looming figure over you. No I’m not thinking of the Grimm reaper, more like Steve the annoying manager who likes to ‘push people to their limits’. As society changes, we are evolving into a generation which doesn’t correlate with the classic 9-5 regime. We want flexibility, freedom, and a chance to show what we really love!

That’s why you’re here witch!


Although, we can’t just lie in bed watching Netflix series and call it research (trust me I’ve tried), you still need that get up and go attitude towards your work to motivate your productivity! But does anyone else find that some days are just a lost cause. One glance at your phone, and suddenly you have scrolled away two hours! There has to be a way to promote your productivity and spice up your work day, and I may have some of the ingredients to the perfect potion!


Step one


Make Your Bed

Now I know what you’re all thinking, whether I make my bed or not, what’s that got to do with productivity!? Yes, your bed has nothing to do with your business (unless you’re selling bedsheets or matresses), but William McRaven contradicts this notion. ‘If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task.’ The small sense of accomplishment we get from such a simple task can fuel a very productive day, as we crave that feeling of pride in ourselves.Try it if you don’t believe me!


Step two



Do That One Annoying Task


We’ve all been there witches. There’s always that one annoying task to do within our To Do list. Whether it’s organising your accounts, or proofreading an article that you’ll be glad to see the back of, there is always something. You can procrastinate your whole day away, but it will still be there waiting for you. So why not do it first? I have found that by doing the task that bugs me first can help me move on to other things. Just like ripping a plaster off, do it quick and efficiently and then you can get on with the fun stuff!


Step Three



Make a To Do List


Sounds a little obvious, but by putting what you NEED to do in writing can really make a difference to what you achieve. At the beginning of every week (or a Sunday night while watching the telly) I write down what I have to do and what meetings I have scheduled. By doing this I can work out what days I have free to get on with my work, and what days are jam packed with meetings. Having a To Do list also gives me a goal. There is nothing more satisfying than checking the last item off your To Do List!

If your seriously addicted to your phone, (or are more technically talented than myself!) there are plenty of apps to easily create a To Do list! I find Asana to be one of the best as you can split your work load in to sections.


Why not give some of these steps ago?

Productivity is very much based on you as a person, what makes you tick? No one is the same, and our bodies are more productive at certain times in the day. So don’t feel bad if you’re not checking emails by 9am, because you didn’t decide to work for yourself to follow a 9-5 regime!

By Katrina Roles

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