This is going to be an ever updating blog post for you. Sometimes I know you just want to find the perfect article, a podcast or a youtube video to inspire you or teach you but it takes f*cking ages to trawl through all of the rubbish to find the gems. SO I'M GOING TO DO IT FOR YOU.

Check back here every week to find new links to get you motivated. Can't see what you wanted? Drop a comment below and I'll get it on there for you...

Love, Sapphire 


  • Need to feel motivated? Are you ready to be a leader? I recommend TD Jakes, he'll explain it better than me but remember LEADERS START AT THE BACK. Check this video here, I listen to this a few times a week!

  • Feeling unproductive today? Check this article about getting back on track

  • Feeling alone? I found this article about how being alone changes your brain (for the better!) really interesting. Check it out here.

  • Don't know what to write on your Instagram bio? This article has your book, GO LOOK.


Sapphire Bates