My business name isn't available on Instagram, what do I do!?

OK we’ve all been there.

You’re all set up and ready to get your business going but then you go to set up your social media handles and SHIT… your business name isn’t available.

This can then very quickly lead to panic and us giving our social media pages a really random handle involving numbers, underscores, dashes and all sorts.

In an ideal world you would have checked this before deciding upon your business name however all is not lost if you didn’t.

So what should you be naming your social media when your business name isn’t available?

  1. Don’t panic.

  2. Try to avoid using any dashes, underscores or numbers in your social media handle. This makes it difficult for your audience to find you when they are searching. I myself, as a very lazy person, tend to abandon ship if someone is telling me their Instagram handle and it involves lots of things other than just their name.

  3. If your full business name isn’t available try to think outside the box. Can you shorten your business name? Or maybe add another word in? For example originally I just wanted all my social handles to be @Thecoven but this was already taken (Dammit!) so I added girl gang and so The Coven Girl Gang was born. Potentially if The Coven Girl Gang wasn’t available I may have opted for something like @thecovengg - it’s still recognisable as my business and still very easy for people to search.

  4. Once you have chosen a new Instagram handle make sure your name (This is the bold writing at the top of your feed, above your bio) includes your full actual business name so that people know they are in the right place when they land in your bio.

Job done!

Sapphire Bates