A guide to using ALT text on Instagram

There is a lot of excitement buzzing around at the moment because Instagram recently introduced a new feature to the app… adding ALT text to Instagram images.

Now this is pretty f*cking exciting because it’s opening up a world of possibilities. If you’ve never heard of ‘ALT text’ before it stands for ‘Alternative Text’ and this text is used if your image doesn’t load. Say for example if your webpage wasn’t loading images properly, Instagram would just show you the ALT text for the image.

The other use for ALT text is for those who are visually impaired. Now this is where it gets pretty cool. If you use ALT text on your images it means that a person who is visually impaired can use the screen reader feature to READ your ALT text so that they can still fully use and enjoy Instagram. How great is that!?

Now if you have any knowledge of SEO, you may well have heard of ALT text especially if you have been working on your website yourself to improve your SEO because you will have been using ALT text on there too.

One of the most exciting things that this ALT text feature means for businesses owners is that your picture has the potential to go viral outside of Instagram. When you use ALT text on your images google will pick up on this ALT text and show your in peoples search results on Google. You’re are opening up your reach HUGELY.

Secondly Instagram will use your ALT text to determine who it should show your image too. So for example, if you’ve told Instagram in your ALT text that it’s a picture of your living room then Instagram will show your image to people who have been recently looking at interiors and living rooms… I know, so useful!!!

I found this really great article which explains how to add ALT text to your photos and WHAT to write:


I hope this is useful!

Sapphire x

Sapphire Bates