How to Make a 2019 Vision Board

January can be a particularly intimidating time of year. Instagram is saturated with everybody sharing their 2019 goals, new year resolutions and what they’re planning to manifest next. Don’t get me wrong, the fact we’re collectively in the energy of growth, of becoming better versions of ourselves personally and in business, is amazing. But there’s only a certain amount of times you can read ‘new year, new me’ or ‘goal-setting’ before it becomes nauseating. And when you don’t know exactly where or how you’d like to grow next, or what you’d like to achieve in your business over the next twelve months, you end up feeling more behind than ever. Like you’re failing at 2019 before it’s even begun.

If you’re nodding away, stuffing the last of the Christmas brie down in a plea that the answers will come to you mid mouthful, I’d suggest giving vision boarding a try. 

Think about it babe, you take pride in your Insta grid, you care about your branding; you’re a visual person. Why not you use that as a tool to explore and figure out what it is you’re truly craving to bring into your career (and personal life) next. 

Go on, try it with me…

What you will need (Art Attack style…):

  • Cork-board or paper

  • Push pins or glue

  • Scissors

  • Magazines (that you don’t mind chopping up!)


Go through your collection of magazines and rip or cut out anything that your attention is drawn to or what sparks an emotion. These can be images, words, colours, anything. Just remember, this is an exercise of intuition. So try not to overthink the visuals you’re choosing. You can dissect and analyse what it all might mean later.


Once you’ve got your collection of images, start to divide them into 3-4 categories. Your categories might not be so clear at first, so think about what the images symbolise to you or how they make you feel. For example, if you’ve cut out pictures of gorgeous velvet chairs and vintage rugs, maybe something in your subconscious is telling you that building a beautiful home or an office space that inspires you to create the work you want to produce is important to you at this moment in time. 


Pin or stick down your images in their designated categories onto your board or paper in a way that looks and feels good to you. Stick it in a place you will see everyday (mine is on my desk) so it inspires you to go after the goals your vision board suggests you really want. How amazing would it be to get to the end of the year and be able to see in front of your eyes how many of the things you wanted, have been achieved. 


This exercise has really helped me become more clear on what I would like to achieve both in my business and in my personal life this year because it put them on paper for the first time and gave me permission to begin making progress towards accomplishing them - even if at the moment that’s just knowing it’s something I want.

For example, when I cut out a picture of the Gucci Fall Winter 18 Eyewear campaign in which a model is sat in front of an abundance of microphones, as if at a press conference, I inferred that I picked this image because one of my goals this year is to appear on a podcast. Beforehand I hadn’t entertained podcasting as something serious to strive for but seeing it on my vision board, made me realise just how much I’d like to make it a 2019 goal. 

So if you’re struggling to make sense of all those conflicting business ideas circling around in your head or are unsure of what you’d like to go after in 2019, take one evening out to create a vision board. It’s like a discovering a visual map of where your head and heart is at. And you might just be surprised at what comes up! 

Esme Marsh