Welcome witch

... We are finally here. The Coven has finally launched and YOU are one of the special ones. You've grabbed your spot as a Coven member and from here our journey together begins. 

I created this platform because I believe strongly in helping you to grow your business and giving you a safe, supportive space to talk to others who get it. It's me and you from here on out. I hope you're ready?

I'm sat on my sofa with a cup of coffee surrounded by pink parcels which are full of your welcome pack goodies and will be sent out in a few days time. Me and Cat spent a good couple of months working together to design and create a welcome pack that made you feel, well, welcomed. They are gorgeous and I can't wait for you to receive yours with your name on it. 

So you're probably wondering what happens now? Where do we go from here? Grab yourself a coffee and explore the members area. This will be updated monthly with new events (both online and IRL), new blog posts full of tips and tricks for you to grow your business and new downloadables to help you reach your goals.

Make sure you head over to the Facebook group which is our main hub and where most of the cool shit goes down. Introduce yourself and get reading about all the other incredible witches that you'll be sharing this journey with. Twice a month we will be hosting live FB videos with industry experts to teach you new skills and give you a chance to get your questions answered on various areas of business (and life!). 

Oh! and don't forget to download the business plan guide and get cracking. Even if you already have your business plan up and running I really suggest downloading it and filling it out. It really gets you thinking about your business, how it runs, what it stands for and how it makes its money. I'll be doing some live videos to discuss the business plan template and help you with any parts you're stuck on. 

...and don't forget. Babe, you're magic.

Love, Sapphire