Book Club

Welcome to book club! Anyone who knows Sapphire will know she is book obsessed (her collection is in the hundreds, with the dream being one day to own a library). We have a monthly book club where each month we choose a different book to read which will help you learn more about business. We chat about each book on Facebook Live on the last day of the month at 7pm GMT, during the live we will discuss together what we liked, what we didn’t and how we are going to implement what we learnt into our businesses/lives. Find the latest book here and all the past reads to catch up on.

Book of the month

Yay! Book club is back and we’ve got our pages in order (see what we did there)… we now have a set day to sit down and catch up on each months book AND this very page for you to easily find each months book. So onto February’s book. This month Sapphire has chosen ‘Bad Blood - John Carreyrou’ which you can purchase here on Amazon or feel free to hunt your local independent book store. It is also available to listen too or buy on Kindle.

Sapphire says… “I’ve chosen this book because when I read it I just couldn’t put it down, it’s quite tech heavy as the business in question is all about bio tech but please stick with it. It’s the perfect example of everything not being as it seems and how not to do business.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

See you after the last chapter witches…


Past Book Club books

SEPTEMBER: Bad Blood - John Carreyrou

AUGUST: “WE WERE ON A BREAK!!!!!” (Giving you all time to catch up as requested)

JULY: Leaders eat last - Simon Sinek

JUNE: We took a break this month as many members requested a chance to catch up

MAY: The 100 dollar start up - Chris Guillibeau

APRIL: Company of one - Paul Jarvis

MARCH: Profit First - Mike Michalowicz


JANUARY: Oversubscribed - Daniel Priestley


NOVEMBER: Unsubscribe - Joycelyn K Glei

OCTOBER: Brand Famous - Linzi Boyd

SEPTEMBER: Crushing It - Gary Vaynerchuk

AUGUST: The Multi Hyphen Method - Emma Gannon

JULY: Start with Why - Simon Sinek

JUNE: The idea in you - Martin Amor and Alex Pellew.