Vix Meldrew

I am a full time blogger/influencer and I started a coaching/mentoring business last year. I coach other bloggers how to grow their online presence and earn money through their blogs!

Insta @vixmeldrew

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Lauren Porter

I live by the sea in Cornwall... Most days you'll find me in front of my my mac book designing or alternatively out exploring the costal landscapes that sit outside my front door or walking my brothers pup Bruce…


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Bethan Turner-Harrod

I am a Nail Artist and founder of DORTA. DORTA encourages creativity and self-expression through the interpretation of art, fashion and objects into nail designs! At the root of my business is the belief that there is true power in creative self-expression and loving yourself for what makes you who you are.

Insta @_dorta_

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Holly Smith

I'm a life coach, celebrant, and Sister Stories circle leader. My interests span personal development to money mindset to death and dying so I love meeting and working with people from all sorts of backgrounds.

Insta @hollyjunesmith

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Natalja Dembek

I create beautiful visuals and branding for people and businesses! I love collaborating with my clients to bring their vision to life✨ My work is very diverse and includes logo design, website and social media graphics, website design and illustration…

Insta @n_atalja

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Alisa Alty

’m creating my brand House Of Venus. Specialising in lash and brown treatment. But rather than call a spade a spade I chose a name that can expand as I do. I studied fashion and promotion and after having a small online vintage business…

Insta @house_of_venus_london

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Lauren Blundell

My name is Lauren and I run a little limited company called Tiny Writer. I have a shit load of experience in CRM, marketing, social media, content, and more to help businesses talk to their customers in a clear, human way…

Insta @tiny_writer

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Sarah Lovelace

I’m doing a variety of things at the moment. My focus is on setting up as a Wellbeing facilitator. Coaching by another term. I’m also producing some hand made cards and have a product idea that I’m developing.

Insta @all_terrain_tyers

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Yasmin Stewart

Head baker specialising in bread and pastry at my current full time job. I'm at the beginning of my journey of opening my own online bakery specialising in cakes & sweet treats, looking to advance in celebration cakes such as weddings, birthdays and special events.

Insta @yasstewartt

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Sapphire BatesComment
Alice Bjorkstrand

I am a digital creative with 9 years experience working for different brands and helping them grow their online businesses. I specialise in all areas of digital marketing and branding, and offer packages that can be tailored to your brand and budget.

Insta @kotodigitalbristol

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Ella Sando

I am a creative handyman. I can film, produce, edit, research, pitch, illustrate, animate, make websites, post content and generally throw myself at any creative task that needs doing. Ella is my name and freelancing is my game.

Insta @lifeintolerant

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Sophie Allen

I'm a freelance creative copywriter and tone of voice specialist based in Nottingham, UK. I've years of agency experience working with household name brands including Fox's Biscuits, Divine Chocolate, Muller and the National Trust…

Insta @sophierebekaha

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Sara Brown

I studied fashion design in London, since graduating I have worked in Italy for Maxmara for a year , and now I’m working at ASOS. But my main goal would be to have my own brand. I am obsessed with pushing plus size to be the norm within the fashion industry…

Insta @sarabrowndesign

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