As an online platform it could be presumed that we only focus on online interactions with our members but that’s where you’d be wrong. Alongside bringing female founders together into our online world we are dedicated to bringing female founders out of the house and into physical spaces. We are in the middle of a loneliness epidemic and being self-employed can make it even easier to feel alone, so we want to try and solve that. It’s time to get out of your pj’s and into something equally as comfy to join us for a really good time with people who get you.

We hold all different kinds of events from non-stuffy networking evenings, panel talks, group working sessions to workshops, dinners and more.

WORLD WIDE WE ARE COMING FOR YOU! Please note all of our current events are in London, UK however by early 2020 we will be hosting events across the rest of the UK, America, Australia and several parts of Europe.

We are currently looking for Coven ambassadors to host Coven events in your area, as a team of four we can’t be in all places at once so we need YOUR help. Fill out the form below to find out more.

Lastly, we are looking to partner up with events and co-working spaces, is this you? Get in touch.

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