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Manchester Meet Up

I’m excited to say we have another Manchester meet up planned! It can be really lonely running a business or working as a freelancer so let’s all take an evening off to get out the house, out of our pj’s and making some real life connections (and hopefully friends) in a totally relaxed and friendly environment.

On the 3rd November at 7pm we will be meeting at our usual hang out aka Lost in Tokyo. Why this bar? Because they serve Bill Murray cocktails with his face on. This is right in the Northern Quarter not far (about a 6 minute walk) from the train station so hopefully is very easy to get to for lots of you.

Want to hear something exciting? You can bring your friends along too EVEN if they aren’t member’s! I know that it can feel intimidating coming along to an event so I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to bring someone (or multiple people) if they like to make it more enjoyable.

I urge all of you that are based in or around Manchester to be brave and come along… we will not bite. I promise that it is a super friendly environment and not reserved for any cliques. I’m a massive geek who wasn’t born with the ability to socialise with everyone so you’re not alone… please come down and hang with me, the weirder you are the more I will probably love you!

See you there witches,

Sapphire x