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Protecting your business, let's talk legalities with Alison Cole

OK, OK… I am so excited about this online workshop. Knowing how to protect your small business is soooo important and an absolute mindfield. Alison Cole will be sitting down with us to chat all about it….

Your brand (or “trade mark”) epitomises the investment of your time, money and often blood, sweat and tears! 


You should therefore be able to protect it from competitors trying to piggy-back.  Anything that you create may be protectable as trade mark, copyright, design or patent (intellectual property or IP).


Have you thought about protecting your creative input? With just one tag, share, retweet or like, today’s products and brands can truly become global overnight. That’s why you need to think about IP protection sooner, rather than later.


Presumably, your ultimate goal is to obtain the maximum possible return on your investment at some point, either through obtaining repeat sales and/or licensing, franchising, or ultimately selling the business. 


For many smaller businesses and start-ups, it’s a huge challenge to afford and enforce IP protection. Making sure bigger brands can’t steal your ideas and rip off your products can be a real David and Goliath situation and cause you great financial damage.  Look no further than:



Alison will be covering all of these issues and any more that you would like to discuss in a live Facebook chat on Wednesday 12th December at 8pm

See you there witches!


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