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Tax and Accounting for Small Businesses Made Simple

Tax and Accounting for Small Businesses Made Simple

For this workshop, we’ve got the amazing Julia Day in to run it. She’s an expert in her field and knows a whole lot about tax and accounting aka the scary stuff.

I’m really looking forward to this workshop. Whilst accounting isn’t the sexiest area of business, it is fundamental and can land you in hot water if you don’t get yourself in gear and file/pay your taxes on time.

This workshop will teach you everything you need to know about managing your business finances.

  • How to do your business accounts

  • What you can and can’t claim as a business expense 

  • How to prepare for and file your tax return 

  • How to save time on tax & accounting

  • How to feel more confident about managing your business finances

    Once you’ve got your head around the basics it feels a lot less scary and then becomes an easy area of your business to stay on top of. I used to do all of my own accounts but as my businesses have grown, and now that I run a limited company I use accountants to take the stress out of my accounts however even if this is similar to you, it is still wise to have a good understanding of tax and accounts because it is your responsibility as the business owner to ensure it is all done correctly, not your accountants.

    The online workshop will be held on Zoom (A webinar platform) and as a member, you will automatically be sent a link to join in with the workshop. Please ensure you receive emails from - if you don’t receive my weekly newsletter on a Monday your inbox provider may well be marking me as spam or blocking my emails, check this in advance so you don’t miss out.

    As always this workshop will be available to watch back 24/7 forever however if this is an area you are keen to get your head around then we suggest tuning in live so that you can ask Julia specific questions and receive more hands on help.

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