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How to Ace your Personal Branding and the Pitfalls to Avoid

Opportunities to succeed in business are bigger than ever before but with that comes a whole lotta copycats and cookie cutter entrepreneurs. The way to stand out from the rest is to put your personal branding first but that’s not as simple as it sounds when everyone is so ‘raw' and constantly visible. This workshop will tell you which personal branding mistakes to avoid at costs - hint, you’re probably doing at least one without even realising. It will also tell you how to sharpen up your personal branding for better brand consistency and uniqueness. You’ll be acing your personal branding before you know it. 

About Hayley:

Hayley is a Brand Strategist and Designer, having worked with a whole range of different businesses over the past 12 years. No stranger to business, she is a serial entrepreneur and has sold 2 previous businesses. Personal branding is a subject that she loves and she can often be found casually posing on a stranger’s doorstep or laughing into a latte for new photos.