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Everything you need to know about Facebook Advertising

I have called in the big guns for this workshop, Helen Bainbridge is the queen of Facebook advertising and the woman I entrusted to help me run The Coven’s facebook adverts. More details are coming soon from Helen herself but this workshop will cover everything you need to know about running your own facebook adverts.

Let me guess…? You’ve spent a few quid on Facebook ads in the past and they’ve never worked? I hear this A LOT! This is what business owners tell me a lot too:

“I’ve dabbled with boosting ads on Facebook and Instagram but I don’t really know what I’m doing.”
“I’ve no idea what the difference is between a custom and lookalike audience.”
“What’s the Facebook Pixel again and why do I need it?!”

I HEAR YA! I’ve been there….

This workshop is all about creating KILLER Facebook and Instagram ads that will stop people in their tracks while they’re scrolling. You'll leave with knowledge and confidence to run your own successful Facebook & Instagram ads in order to reach more of your target audience, drive traffic to your website and gain more customers. There is SO much that we could cover in a Facebook advertising session, but this workshop is about getting you thinking about how to make your ads as IMPACTFUL as possible.

We'll cover:

●      The anatomy of a high-performing Facebook & Instagram ad

●      Nailing the copy and creative 

●      Getting laser-focused with your audiences

●      ….and a few more tips and tricks!

I’ve spent the last 15 years working in marketing and advertising and now my team and I specialiseexclusively in social media advertising. I spend a large proportion of my days tinkering away in Facebook’s Ads Manager and love nothing more than crafting a well-written ad that I know will get my client’s target audience to take action.

At the end of the session we'll have short Q&A where you can fire any questions at me.

The workshop will take place on Zoom as per usual, which you will have needed to downloaded in advance. You will receive a link to the workshop before hand so make sure you keep an eye on your emails on the day. As always all workshops are available to watch back whenever you like just by visiting the workshops page.

See you there!