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Imposter Syndrome, or why I think I’m not good enough

Imposter Syndrome, or why I think I’m not good enough with Laura Cloke

On the 7th May we will be sitting down virtually with Laura Cloke to discuss all things imposter syndrome. I think all of us experience it at some point in our careers and this workshop should hopefully alleviate some of that. Details below…

Imposter Syndrome is one of the biggest barriers to success in your career or business, particularly when you work for yourself. It can show up when you are doing your best work and stop you in your tracks, leaving you feeling dejected and your self esteem in pieces. 

In this workshop Laura will talk you through what Imposter Syndrome is, why we get it and her top tips for dealing with it when it shows up.

Laura is a business and career coach who supports people going through transitions and periods of change in their career or work. She love’s helping people to set big scary goals and support them to achieve them

As always the workshop will take place on Zoom which you will need to download before hand. All times are in GMT. See you there!