+ Do you have to believe in magic?


+ Do you have to believe in yourself?


+ What happens if I want to cancel my membership?

If you choose to leave The Coven we will be sad to see you go but we understand that we aren’t the perfect fit for everyone. Upon choosing to leave us all you need to do is log in to your account on the website and view your payment plan. From there you can cancel your plan. Your membership will cancel at the end of your chosen period (I,e 3months) and you will not be charged again.

+ Are you really witches?

That totally depends on what you believe a witch is. To us here at The Coven we believe that a witch is just a powerful woman who is ready to rise up, own her sh*t and become the best she can be. So in that case. Yes we really are witches.

+ Refunds policy

We totally get that sometimes you click the wrong button and sign up for a membership option that you didn't mean too. Please let us know within 24 hours and we can refund your payment and cancel your membership. After 24 hours you will need to follow the cancellation procedure noted above.