Website designer x 2!


Job Location: remote

Job Description: I have two businesses, Luna Beauty UK, and Luna MKTG. In exchange for a custom template for each website, I would give 6 months of social media management. Preferably, looking for two designers. So, 1 for LBU, and they will get 6 months, and 1 for Luna MKTG, and they would get 6 months. I’m currently looking for someone to design a template for Luna MKTG, it’s a social media management website, I have the colours, logo, etc, so I need someone to design the template, preferably for WordPress, but since I haven’t started anything, I can consider SquareSpace. For Luna Beauty UK, I’m on Wordpress. It's a beauty blog, which I eventually want to turn into an online beauty shop & blog. I recently got a new colour scheme & logo done. Usually, I would love to pay top dollar for this, but I’m still job searching (the economy is killing me), and CrowdFunder isn’t going so well. If you're interested, please get in touch! X

Is the job paid?: No, skillwap

What is being offered in return:

I'm offering 6 months (for each template), of social media management. Take into consideration, that my business does not offer content creation. After the 6 months, on top of the Coven discount (20%), you will get an extra 10% off social media management services (total 30%), for the next 6 months.