Why start a blog?

This is an idea I’ve had for what feels like forever but I couldn’t decide whether to just go for it or not. My Instagram posts that you, the readers, enjoy the most are my quotes that come with a hefty caption underneath explaining the quote in further detail. I touch upon many topics within this Instagram posts and have often thought how much more I have to say on a topic but not enough space in the caption. So the idea for a blog appeared.


The thing that held me back was the worry that we are currently in a digital climate where there are just so many blogs. Does the world really need another one? Will this just get lost amongst a pile of other, more relevant blogs? Maybe yes but I figured that if starting a blog alongside the other things I, or I should say we, do at The Coven could give a few more women with something to say a place to publish that something then it would be very worth doing. 


I want to give some under the radar writers the opportunity to write for an audience. Within The Coven I frequently see really interesting conversations being had and debates being raised. I know I enjoy listening to what these women have to say and I think you will too. I know the feeling when you have something that you really want to share with the world but no platform on which to do it. 


There are some incredible writers out there who have so many incredible things to say but no experience and so there words never get shared.


Well I’m hoping to change that with our blog. I’m not looking to post the best written prose or the most well put together articles. I’m going to be posting articles, think pieces, poetry written by women with something to say. 


It’s all about what they have to say first and how they’ve written it second. That’s not to say anyone who submits a piece of work is a bad writer, not at all, some of the submissions I’ve had so far have been beautifully written and you’d never guess they hadn’t written an article before. It’s more that I care most about the opinions, ideas and thoughts within the words that I am sent. 


I hope you enjoy reading all of the content that is about to be shared with you. If you think you’ve got something to say then I’d love to hear from you… send me over your submission to sapphire@theflowerarranger.co.uk


Sapphire x

Sapphire Bates