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An evening of networking...halloween special LONDON

Join us at Benk + Bo on the 31st October for an evening of interesting conversation, drinks and lots of spooky costumes.

We don't believe in stuffy networking events where everyone feels too awkward to start conversation, no one wants to really be there and there's usually someone anxiously hiding in the toilet (Sapphire our founder says that's been her on NUMEROUS occassions). 

We believe in getting a bunch of incredibly, interesting women into a cool venue together with access to a fully stocked bar and lots of comfy seating to get chatting, laughing and connecting. 

We are taking things off of our computer screens and IRL so that we can try and combat the lonliness that is so prevalent when you're self-employed. 

So change out of your loungewear (commmme on, we all do it, those of us that work from home) and get your spookiest outfit on and meet us at Benk + Bo for a right good laugh and some honest conversations about being a female founder. 

There's no strict timetable for this evening but The Coven team will be walking around, introducing people and insuring nobody is left awkward lingering at the side, nobody leaves a witch in the corner! 

We'll give you all a little pink name badge for you to write your instagram handle on so you can easily identify the babes you've been DM'ing recently for support, no awkward OMG IT'S YOU here. 

Get your ticket here:

Please note this event is open to Coven members only, to become a member jump on our waitlist now and be sure to grab a space when doors open on 1st October @ 8am.

We can't wait to meet you!

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