BONUS WORKSHOP! A mini reboot retreat: activate your magic and motivation for 2019

Tuesday, 13th June 2018

7:30 pm  8:30 pm


OK so we aren’t jetting off anywhere (yet although an Ibiza retreat is coming in 2020) but I do have a special online retreat for you all. I’m very excited to announce that I have BONUS workshop for you all this month. Yep, that’s right. A whole extra workshop this month at no extra cost to any of you (you’re so welcome). It’s happening on blue Monday of all days because who the f*ck wants to feel sad on a Monday?

Sophie French is back for what is set to be another amazing workshop. I loved her previous workshop she ran with us back in June, when we’d JUST launched. I know it really resonated with so many of you, it had one of the highest turns out to a workshop we’ve ever had following our social media masterminds! So with that in mind Sophie decided to join us once again to run a special January workshop with you all. Read on for the deets…


How to get clarity on your direction for your business & life

What to do if you're thinking 'something has to change' but you don't know where to start 

Staying motivated even when weather and bank balance might be grey 
The kind of goals/intentions to be setting that will motivate you and how to stay on track
How to take care of your mind during a supposedly 'blue' time 

Sophie’s idea behind the workshop??? Here we go… I'm thinking, due to recent client conversations I'm hearing a general consensus that people want to make changes or are feeling flat / underwhelmed, so this workshop would help people get back to basics, rediscover what they want to bring to life, and how to make it happen. I want to fuel people with the belief that they can pivot and make changes and design their business on their terms - just because it's started out a certain way they can shift and change things. 


No worksheet need for this one guys!


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