The brilliant women-only business community The Coven for tips, mentorship and support (from £15 a month)
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You did it!

You found our mention in Stylist magazine about our highly sort after community and now you get to skip the queue and jump straight into our exclusive membership platform, go you!

The Coven is an online membership platform dedicated to making running a business or going freelance a less lonely experience. You don’t expect to but more often than not you can find yourself missing the office in-jokes and wishing you had some colleagues who have you back through the highs and the lows or working for yourself… we totally get you. You’re not alone in feeling like that.

Our membership platform gives you access to a community of hundreds of self-identifying females who are all there to support each other and help move each other forward. Our founder Sapphire also wanted this platform to be more than just another Facebook group or community, she wanted it to be a one-stop shop for all things business. So not alone do you get to feel a part of something magical and make connections and friends, you also get access to tons of online workshops (many of which we run live so that you can ask questions in real time), printable resources, a book club, an online directory to find people local to you AND the option of having somebody to keep you accountable and business coaching at any time you like.

Sounds pretty spellbinding right?

Sign up now and join one of the biggest online platforms for women in business around.