Need more convincing? Listen to what our member’s have to say about The Coven…

I can honestly say that joining The Coven has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. Being in such an engaged and supportive community with women who ‘get it’ is invaluable - so thank you for not only creating space for that, but also for the countless pieces of content which we have access to - the FB Lives are game changers.

So thank you for what you’ve built. Thank you for making it ok to make mistakes / talk about failures - your impact goes far wider than you’ll ever know!
— Alice Benham, Digital Marketing Coach
The Coven is a haven for creative 21st Century businesswomen, led by the sassy, one-woman machine, Sapphire. It’s been a great support for understanding the complexities of business, testing ideas, developing collaborations, and building each other up when facing challenges. I love being a part of this passionate community!
— Kim Watson, The House of Palms
I am a HUGE supporter of The Coven. Yes. To. Community. Over. Competition! I am a member and I have also had a 1-1 mentoring session with Sapphire. I have a business coach and accountant partner who runs his own practise so I was all good on the numbers front. I am a money mindset and strategy coach, so I know about the mindset. So what did I need? I needed Sapphire to come and explain to me her approach. We all know that she is the QUEEN of the community. We got things straight in my head.

Whether you are a coach, entrepreneur, or employed with a side hustle, The Coven and Sapphire will be great for you.

I believe to be the best you can be you NEED to learn from others and learn I did. No one person has all of the answers, so I am forever so grateful for the community, where I have made friends, gained knowledge as well as gain clients. How’s that for a community?! I would also like to add since writing this that I have made some of the best friends through the group who are also clients and I have purchased off of them too. Win. Win.

Supporting each other and improving our lives together - The Coven is unlike any other female membership that I am part of!
— Chloe Slade
The Coven has given me the kick in the butt I needed to put my business idea into motion. Between the amazingly supportive Facebook group and the practical downloadables available in the members area on the website, it provided me with a lot of much needed resources.
— Judith Poitras-Raynault, Graphic Designer
When the day arrived to join the coven, I was hovering over my keyboard (while messaging Emma of @beautie) as if I was waiting for glasto tickets! To say I was relieved to get a spot was an understatement because I had found my tribe and I wasn’t about to let them go! Sapphire has attracted & created a really cool group of women who are so kind and supportive. the private members area is so helpful and creates content I didn’t know I needed until I read it, it’s always one step ahead! if I need advice or recommendations, I know I can go there and get a quality answer! I’m leaving my job in September to go freelance but as long as I’m in the coven, I know I won’t feel like I’m alone when WFH! thanks again, it really is my favourite FB group of all!
— Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Retail Consultant