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I can honestly say that joining The Coven has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my business. Being in such an engaged and supportive community with women who ‘get it’ is invaluable - so thank you for not only creating space for that, but also for the countless pieces of content which we have access to - the workshops are game changers.

So thank you for what you’ve built. Thank you for making it ok to make mistakes / talk about failures - your impact goes far wider than you’ll ever know!
— Alice Benham, Digital Marketing Coach
I have been with the coven for just under 6 months and in that amount of time I can’t tell you how much my business has improved and how much influence it has had on me.

The support you get is overwhelming and so helpful. The resources that have been been are incredible (when I read them I feel like I’m finding out everyone’s secrets to success)

I will never be leaving this incredible gang of likeminded babes and I can highly recommend joining if you’re wanting to push yourself and your business 💚
— Leah Roberts, founder of The Skin Coach
The Coven is a haven for creative 21st Century businesswomen, led by the sassy, one-woman machine, Sapphire. It’s been a great support for understanding the complexities of business, testing ideas, developing collaborations, and building each other up when facing challenges. I love being a part of this passionate community!
— Kim Watson, The House of Palms
The Coven has given me the kick in the butt I needed to put my business idea into motion. Between the amazingly supportive Facebook group and the practical downloadables available in the members area on the website, it provided me with a lot of much needed resources.
— Judith Poitras-Raynault, Graphic Designer
When the day arrived to join the coven, I was hovering over my keyboard (while messaging Emma of @beautie) as if I was waiting for glasto tickets! To say I was relieved to get a spot was an understatement because I had found my tribe and I wasn’t about to let them go! Sapphire has attracted & created a really cool group of women who are so kind and supportive. the private members area is so helpful and creates content I didn’t know I needed until I read it, it’s always one step ahead! if I need advice or recommendations, I know I can go there and get a quality answer! I’m leaving my job in September to go freelance but as long as I’m in the coven, I know I won’t feel like I’m alone when WFH! thanks again, it really is my favourite FB group of all!
— Elizabeth Stiles, Fashion Retail Consultant
The Coven is the one and only group I’ve paid for and for good reason. It’s a focussed, supportive group with amazing resources added to weekly. I feel honored to be part of the group where I go to in the week if I’m feeling like I need to feel energized again.
— Naomi Gale, Founder of Styled By Naomi
I’ve been with the coven since the early days and I can safely say these women are what keeps me going through the hard days. I’ve learned so much and finally being in a like-minded community that is also aesthetically please on the IG is everything I could have asked for and more. All are so kind and friendly and I don’t know what I would do without their constant inspiration to keep me on track and boost my business.
— Emma Dee, Founder of UrbanLune
Sharing experience and challenges. The Coven is super supportive, inspiring and totally accessible. I’ve been amazed at the depth of the Covenista’s and all led by the Chief Covenista herself, Sapphire. This group rocks 🤘🏼
— Tracey Brady, Founder of Blisschimp
I’ve been a member of the coven for 4 months and I can not even explain how much this group has helped me!! Not only is it SO educational and I feel like I understand business so much better but it’s amazing to be part of a supportive female collective!
— Bobbie Bee, Founder of Om Shanti Alchemy
An amazing group of women that are supportive, driven, eclectic, united by their business drive, in a cool vibey environment that is about collaboration not competition.
— Corine Sellers, Founder of Simply P Prosecco
Worth every penny! The support network in this group is incredible, everyone has your back and is happy to offer their wisdom and advice. It’s seriously packed with support from the online workshops to the member’s area. It’s obvious that Sapphire has put her heart and soul into The Coven and genuinely cares!
— Gemma Theobald, Founder of Silver and the gem
I absolutely love being a part of The Coven!! It’s such an inspirational community of female entrepreneurs and the support is incredible. The courses are also brilliant, and the worksheets help to get the most out of each session. Couldn’t recommend it enough!
— Rosie Ashley, artist and creator
So I found The Coven on Instagram and had spoken to Sapphire a few times and got such a good vibe about the membership that I signed up the day they opened. I can honestly say I had no idea how much it would have an impact on me and my business.
The Coven isn’t only a platform for women in business and creating businesses, it is a complete community of amazing entrepreneurs who have all got something to share and give. I’ve met people I wouldn’t have ever met in life otherwise that I know I’ll be friends with for a very long time and that will support me continuously on my business journey - they are my go-to before anyone else!
The Coven in 6 months has given me opportunities and resources that I never would have had otherwise, and for the cost each month it is completely worth every penny.
I will always be a Coven member 💫✨
— Stacey Manning, Founder of The Madbatter bakery
Being a part of The Coven gives a sense of belonging because of the solidarity shown by its members.
No matter your discipline, age, race or gender (don’t be put off by the pink!) there is something within The Coven for everyone!
Having been a member since early summer 2018, I can honestly say being involved within this group has helped to support my transition from full-time employment to working for myself by giving me regular knowledge & discussion points that are relevant when starting your own business. The road to entrepreneurship is not easy but having the support of Sapphire to help make you realise your potential is an undeniable asset. By being a part of this group you can gain insight into how others work & feel that you’re ‘not alone’ on your path of self & business discovery.
I’d highly recommend joining & finding out how to unlock your potential & see what you can achieve in a years time!
— Lauren Odette, graphic designer,
The Coven is HANDS DOWN the best support network for business babes! Worth every single penny. It has helped me in so many different ways... practically and most important physiologically! Go Saph and team 💗
— Jasmine MacPhee, founder of Find Your Intern
I recommend The Coven because they helped teach me that the time is now. I feel supported every day by this solid, creative, beautiful bunch. The variety of workshops are so valuable and the networking opportunities are endless. ✨
— Abigail Johnson, founder of consult with Nell
I joined the Coven a few months ago and the member resource has been so helpful! I love all of the worksheets/resources available and it’s helped me plan the steps to achieve my goals. The FB support group is amazing, I always feel so comfortable posting and asking for advice and I love reading everyone else’s posts too!
— Sophie Palk, Founder of Sophie's Stitching
The Coven Girl Gang is everything a one-woman band could ask for. I have never felt more at home in a group and am so glad that I followed my gut instinct to become a member. It is brimming full of creative, empowering and amazing women, and truly embodies the community over competition mantra that so many people just pay lip service to. Sapphire has done an amazing job of providing us with resources, a community to ask any of our questions to and getting to know us all individually. These girls are here for you whether you want to celebrate your highs, get a bit of feedback or to comfort you when your biz is at a low ebb. I have always felt welcome and valued and I’m pretty sure every other member would tell you the exact same thing.
— Ashleigh Stanley-Oakes, founder of Bert Shop
Joining the Coven has been nothing short of epic! It’s just an amazing community, the girls are always there to ask advice, rant too or get feedback from! The Facebook group in itself is worth the membership fee, let alone all the other stuff you get! I’ve also got several jobs doing stuff for Coven gals which has been fab! Highly recommend joining.
— Georgie Rodriquez, founder of multitasking virtual assistant
The Coven is a wonderful community full of like-minded inspiring beings that really help one another. There is an openness to share knowledge and experience and champion each other’s projects. Highly recommend.
— Jasmin Harsono, founder of emerald & tiger
The Coven is definitely the coolest and most supportive community I have come across!

Sapphire and the team work so hard to make sure that we have so much support and regular, informative content. I also love that people can ask questions freely without any fear of judgement! 💖
— Abby Wallace, founder of Abby Lou Designs
I am a member of The Coven and it is the best business group that I have found so far. It’s incredibly good value for money. I even get a monthly mentoring session tailored to my business - and without fail every time that session has persuaded me to take steps or to make positive changes that have improved my business/profit.

Most business groups are so dry but The Coven is also really fun. It’s not quite all business - there are general
chats and meet ups with like minded ladies too.

Every girl should have their own Coven! Highly recommended.
— Caroline Foster, founder of Flowerology
This group is everything you could wish for if you’re a woman running your own business. A safe and supportive space, with members who have experience in a whole range of things - including advice you never knew you needed and guidance whether you’re having a great time or struggling.
— Anita Smith, founder of Sew What MCR
Love being part of this supportive group! Joined at the beginning and have no plans to be leaving. Supportive and feel that no question I ask is stupid - thanks for making a great group Sapphire!
— Lucy Gregson
When I first joined the coven, I honestly had no idea how much it would positively impact my life. I have met the most amazing women, who are completely like myself, that have made me feel so much less alone in my endeavours (and in life in general). It’s been a constant support system where no comment/question/rant/worry is ever left unanswered or without genuine love, warmth and advice. I have collaborated with so many girls through the group and created some of my most amazing work to date. I am forever grateful to this platform, which I continue to learn from every single week ❤️
— Esme Marsh, founder of Hook Magazine