So who runs this? My name is Sapphire and I run this bad boy. 3.5 years ago I went from having no job, spending my days drinking lukewarm Thai beer and lazing in a hammock in Northern Thailand. I had no business experience or any idea how to run a business but I started one anyway. I created a successful flower studio called The Flower Arranger. I spent hours, weeks and months avidly learning as much as possible about running a business and being a boss so that I achieve my dreams and run a successful business.

Now I want to help you achieve YOUR goals, make money and be *successful*, whatever that means to you. Starting a business, a side hustle, going freelance or following your passions can be a lonely and isolating path... I’ve spent many days where the only person I’ve spoken to is my dog (and she is not much of a conversationalist). I get how you might be feeling and understand how effing scary heading down the entrepreunurial path is.

Fear no more babe. The Coven has your back.