So that’s it. You’ve decided you’re ready to become a badass business woman and take your business to the next level. You’ve decided to become part of an exclusive, tight knit community of likeminded, supportive individuals.

You’re ready to join The Coven… but what is included in your membership? 



We know that you need all the support and want to invest in your business but without spending the big bucks,, I FEEL YOU. We have several price points so you can choose how much support you need and how much you want to invest into growing:

TIER one (invoiced every 3 months or more) £10

TIER one (invoiced monthly) £13

tier two £20

TIER three £50

TIER four £99

But what you need to remember is that this is an investment into yourself and your business. joining a platform like the coven isn’t FRIVOLOUS spending… it’s money you’re putting into your business to help it blossom into something incredible.

our most affordable tier is only £10 per month which is the equivalent of £2.50 A WEEK. that’s cheaper than a starbucks coffee. business made easy aye?

please note that we don’t invoice you monthly unless you choose the tier one monthly option. when you sign up you can choose to be invoiced every 3 months, every 6 months or once a year… we do this because we know when you are a start up or a freelancer monthly payments are scary. this way you get a couple months IN BETWEEN each recurring payment..aaaaand relax!



from £10 PER MONTH

2 x Monthly online workshops via FB from industry experts to teach you all you need to know about business… on topics such as branding, seo, pr, marketing, sales funnels, copy writing and more. these take place live so you can ask questions as you watch the workshop and get feedback/help to make your learning even easier.

plus catch up on all previous online workshops which are available to re-watch forever at any time.

Monthly articles in the members area with tips and tricks to grow your business.

Access to the FB group where you chat with other girls who get you.

Online directory of members, their skills and how to contact them.

Downloadable business plan guide and template to help you get started.

worksheets and how-to guides added monthly to the resources area to help you with your business

Events calendar – we host several meet-ups in various cities throughout the year. see what’s on, when and reserve your space early.



from £20 PER MONTH

Everything on the £10 tier PLUS

A 15 minute phone call once a month with one of The Coven team to set 3 actionable targets/goals for you to achieve for the following month.

the point of these phone calls are to help you move towards a bigger goal or dream. we are here to hold you accountable month to month and support you along the way.

*our most popular option!


from £50 PER MONTH

Everything on the £10 tier PLUS

One hour of mentoring (via the phone) with one of The Coven team to help you achieve your goals and grow month by month.

We are a friendly face/big sister here to check each month to see how you’re getting on, offer you our help and support to see you grow.

this option is great if you need some support and someone to chat to each month about what is going on in your business.

plus you will receive a goody bag full of coven merch in the post.


from £99 PER MONTH

Everything on the £10 tier PLUS

1 hour of mentoring with Sapphire herself every month. this can be via the phone, skype orrrr you can come down to coven hq in chelmsford, essex to sit down face to face and chat.

with this option you will also have sapphire on whatsapp to fire over any questions whenever you need some help (responses monday - friday 9am-6pm)

Maximum support, together we’ll grow your business!

plus you will receive a goody bag full of coven merch in the post including an exclusive coven mug!!



If you feel like you’re ready to grow your business and yourself by joining The Coven then simply click the button and fill out the application form below and select your preferred invoicing choice. We will then get back to you to let you know if your application has been successful.



There are only 500 membership spaces available and once these are filled you will have to go onto a wait list until we reopen applications in 2019.

This is going to be a platform for those women who are really ready to take their businesses to the next level. Those who truly believe in community over competition, supporting others around them and are ready to know down ANY obstacles that we face on this mad entrepreneurial journey.

It won’t be for everyone but for those who do align with the above and are ready to achieve great things… I hope you’re excited…